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henshin_already's Journal

BSSM Fans for a Greater Awesome.
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Been a Sailor Moon fan for a million years and know way too much about it?
Just got into some aspect of it and want to rant/rehash/learn more?
Realized that people take Sailor Moon way too seriously, and find yourself at a loss for people to LOL at it with?

Say no more! :D

If you've ever been online and just wanted to yell "AMI IS USELESS AND LAME." and see who agrees, point out anything particularly WTF or awesome that seems to get no attention, or think that anime!Usagi kinda sucks but manga!Usagi is pretty cool, then somehow you've found the right place. Deranged theories, various forms of crack, essays, macros, random noticings, cupcakes, and other amusing things are also totally acceptable.

Between the manga, the anime, stage musicals, live action show, and five seasons worth of storyline, it seems like Sailor Moon = fandom one can always turn to to find something you've never seen before. So, presumably, we should be able to find stuff to talk about.

made by moon_justice.

Weekly Posts

Tuesday: Ugly Civilian Clothing of the Week (claudia_vice)
If you thought of something weekly-post worthy and will do it, bring it up and I'll probably okay it.


1. Posts have to be about Sailor Moon in some way or another.
2. No sale posts, no posts advertising RPs, basically no posts made solely to advertise something. (LJ Communities = OK though.) There are a bunch of other places that are cool with this (sailormoonfans, serasell..) so take that there plzkthnx.
3. Hugenormous posts need cuts.
4. Don't be a jerk.

(Although I'd had the idea for awhile, it was spurred on by the discovery of playthedamncard, a pretty hawt community in its own right. If you've noticed a bit of the userinfo is formatted similarly...imitation is the highest form of flattery? :D ...I hope? Plus the name is an homage.)