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January 5th, 2008

07:45 pm
So, to start things off, how do you guys feel about SuperS? :D

It seems like 70% of the fandom is like 'It is dumb. And full of random fluff and not-storyline' and then everyone else is like 'But it's so funnnn. And pretty. :D'

Personally it's not one of my fave seasons (no Outersss D:)...but then it has the Amazon Trio, who make everything five times better. And gayer, slightly balancing out the lack of Michiru/Haruka. Plus I kinda like Chibiusa. So I guess I'm slightly more than neutral.

(After more members are accumulated, there may be some sort of intro-meme-post thing. 'Cause why not.)
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December 27th, 2007

02:26 am
Links to Some Nifty Websites
To be supplemented later, perhaps..?

Wikimoon.org - Rather extensive Sailor Moon wiki

Sailor Moon page at Fan History Wiki - A pretty cool site in itself, but this is awesome if you've been in the fandom for while.

- Tomb of the Little-Known Senshi - Profiles/info (with cute fanart...) of more obscure senshi.

The Oracle - Awesome site with A LOT of images.

Sera-Myu.com - ...pretty self-explanatory. Stuff about Sera Myu :D

Sailor Moon Uncensored Exactly what got changed between the original anime and the American dub. This site is full of awesome and is actually pretty funny.

Musical Moon - Sera Myu lyrics. Yaaaay.

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